Example: Circular arrows with text

Published 2014-07-29 | Author: Tom Bombadil

This example was written by Tom Bombadil answering a question on TeX.SE, with a modification by Stefan Kottwitz adding a text font style showing an implicit way.

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Circular arrows with text

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% Circular arrows with text
% Author: Tom Bombadil
% inner radius, middle radius, outer radius, start angle,
% end angle, tip protusion angle, options, text
  \fill[#7] (\astart:\rin) arc (\astart:\aend:\rin)
       -- (\aend+\atip:\rmid) -- (\aend:\rout) arc (\aend:\astart:\rout)
       -- (\astart+\atip:\rmid) -- cycle;
  \path[font = \sffamily, decoration = {text along path, text = {|\mytextstyle|#8},
    text align = {align = center}, raise = -0.5ex}, decorate]
    (\astart+\atip:\rmid) arc (\astart+\atip:\aend+\atip:\rmid);

  \fill[even odd rule,red!30] circle (3.8) circle (3.2);
  \foreach \x in {0,60,...,300} {
      draw = red!50!black, very thick}{text \x}


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