TeXample.net is a web site dedicated to the wonderful world of TeX and friends. The site is still under heavily construction, so sorry for all the mess. Content, features and design will be added gradually.

Why the silly name?

Mainly because the best names were already taken, but the web site's name can be interpreted in multiple ways:

The TeX part (a) should be obvious. Ample (b) means of large or great size, amount, extent, or capacity. TeX is all that and more. The example part (c) is important because learning by example is very effective and the original intention of this site was to host the TikZ and PGF examples gallery. The final .net (d) part is there because it sounds good.

Who is behind this site

The site has been built and designed by Kjell Magne Fauske and is currently maintained by Stefan Kottwitz.

What is the technology behind this site?

This site is powered by the fantastic Django web framework.