Example: Truncated Cone

Published 2012-11-18 | Author: Mathias Magdowski

The graphic shows a truncated cone. The diameter of the cone changes from d_1 to d_2 along the x-direction.

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Truncated Cone

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% Truncated Cone
% Author: Mathias Magdowski

	\draw[dashed,color=gray] (0,0) arc (-90:90:0.5 and 1.5);% right half of the left ellipse
	\draw[semithick] (0,0) -- (4,1);% bottom line
	\draw[semithick] (0,3) -- (4,2);% top line
	\draw[semithick] (0,0) arc (270:90:0.5 and 1.5);% left half of the left ellipse
	\draw[semithick] (4,1.5) ellipse (0.166 and 0.5);% right ellipse
	\draw (-1,1.5) node {$\varnothing d_1$};
	\draw (3.3,1.5) node {$\varnothing d_2$};
	\draw[|-,semithick] (0,-0.5) -- (4,-0.5);
	\draw[|->,semithick] (4,-0.5) -- (4.5,-0.5);
	\draw (0,-1) node {$x=0$};
	\draw (4,-1) node {$x=l$};


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