Example: Intersecting arcs

Published 2009-09-13 | Author: Andrew Mertz

An example that uses tkz-2d.

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Intersecting arcs

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% Author: Andrew Mertz



  % Initialize tkz-2d and set the range of x and y values

  % Define two points using TikZ. Note TikZ coordinates can be given
  % in polar form.
  \coordinate (A) at (100:8);
  \coordinate (B) at (50:8);

  % Draw a circle. Note star form of \tkzPoint defines points but does
  % not draw them.
  \tkzPoint*(0,0){C} % center of circle
  \tkzPoint*(0,4){R} % radius of circle

  % Define the points that are tangent to the circle where the tangent
  % line passes through either A or B

  % Compute the distance between A and D (the result is stored in
  % \tkzmathLen)

  % Fill and highlight the sector centered at A
  \tkzFillSector*[color=blue!80!black,opacity=0.5](A,\tkzmathLen pt)(D,E)

  % Fill and highlight the sector centered at B
  \tkzFillSector*[color=red!80!black,opacity=0.5](B,\tkzmathLen pt)(F,G)

  % Find the intersection of the two arcs  

  % Draw the intersection
  \tkzDrawPoint[pos=below left](I)


% LocalWords:  TikZ tkz xmin xmax ymin ymax LocalWords


  • #1 FLW, September 12, 2013 at 9:17 p.m.

    Doesn't compile anymore, because tkz-2d was replaced by tkz-euclide...

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