Example: Electric circuit decorations

Published 2008-04-12 | Author: Umesh Rai

This example demonstrates an interesting use of decorations. A set of custom decorations have been defined to draw various electrical circuit elements. The code for the decorations can be found in the electComp.sty file.

To compile the example you will need the following style file:

Author:B. Umesh Rai

Download as: [PDF] [TEX]

Electric circuit decorations

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% Electrical circuits using decorations
% Author: B. Umesh Rai

\title{Electrical Circuits with pgf}


\begin{tikzpicture}[line width=1pt]
    \draw (0,0) -- ++(0,1cm);
    \draw[decorate, decoration=cell] (0,1cm) -- ++(0,1.5cm);
    \draw (0,2.5cm) |- ++(1cm,1cm);
    \draw[decorate, decoration=diode] (1cm,3.5cm) -- ++(1.5cm,0);
    \draw (2.5cm,3.5cm) -- ++(2,0);
    \draw (3.5cm,3.5cm) -- ++(0,-1);
    \draw[decorate, decoration=switch] (3.5cm,2.5cm) -- ++(0,-1.5cm);
        decoration={inductor,amplitude=0.35cm, segment length=0.75cm}]
        (4.5cm,3.5cm) -- ++(1.5cm,0);
    \draw (6cm,3.5cm) -- ++(1,0);
    \draw (7cm,3.5cm) -- ++(3,0);
    \draw (8cm,3.5cm) -- ++(0,-1);
    \draw[decorate, decoration=capacitor] (8cm,2.5cm) -- ++(0,-1.5cm);
    \draw (0cm,0cm) -| ++(8cm,1cm);
    \draw (3.5cm,0cm) -- ++(0cm,1cm);
    \draw (10cm,3.5cm) -- ++(0,-1);
    \draw[decorate, decoration=resistor] (10cm,2.5cm) -- ++(0,-1.5cm);
    \draw (8cm,0cm) -| ++(2cm,1cm);
    \draw[decorate, decoration=ground] (5,0cm) -- ++(0,-1.5cm);



  • #1 Ivan Savov, February 3, 2012 at 10:30 p.m.

    Thank you.

    Very elegant work, and I really like the little circles which show that components are like LEGO pieces which can be connected in different ways.

    The link to electComp.sty above is broken, but it is available here: http://code.google.com/p/tikz-examples/source/browse/examples/contrib1/electComp.sty

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