Example: Seven-segment display

Published 2009-11-20 | Author: Germain Gondor

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Seven-segment display

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% Seven-segment display
% Author:  Germain Gondor
% Source: http://www.sciences-indus-cpge.apinc.org/Afficheur-7-Segments-avec-PGF-TIKZ
% SevenSeg.sty can be downloaded from
% http://www.sciences-indus-cpge.apinc.org/Afficheur-7-Segments-avec-PGF-TIKZ


    \foreach \x in{0,...,1} {
        \draw[purple,very thick](B\x)node[left]{$B_\x$}--++(14em,0)-|(Bit\x);
    \foreach \x in{2,...,3} {
        \draw[very thick](B\x)node[left]{$B_\x$}--++(14em,0)-|(Bit\x);
    \foreach \x in{0,...,3} {
        \coordinate (L\x) at({(\x-0)*2.5} ,-3*1);
    \foreach \x in{4,...,7} {
        \coordinate (L\x) at({(\x-4)*2.5} ,-3*2);



  • #1 Yves Delhaye, May 12, 2012 at 4:59 p.m.

    The apinc server is down and the ".sty" file is to be found here: http://sciences-indus-cpge.papanicola.info/Afficheur-7-Segments-avec-PGF-TIKZ

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