Example: Prerequisite chart

Published 2007-01-24 | Author: Bob Tennent

Example of a prerequisite chart made with the PGF/TikZ-based prerex package. Real examples can be found at the Queen’s University School of Computing.

The prerex package includes the source code for an interactive editor of prerex charts and patches to kpdf/okular to enable grabbing coordinates directly from a chart display.

Author:Bob Tennent

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Prerequisite chart

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% Prerequisite chart
% Author: Bob Tennent
%\geometry{noheadfoot,vmargin=1.0in, hmargin=0.5in}
%\renewcommand{\sfdefault}{uop}  % make URW Classico (Optima) the default font


\reqfullcourse 50,45:{1083}{Comput.\,Sci.\\Concepts}{TTh 10:00}
\reqhalfcourse 25,40:{1303}{Discrete\\Structures}{MWF 9:30}
\reqhalfcourse 30,30:{2813}{Computer\\Organiz.\,I}{MWF 8:30}
  \prereq 50,45,30,30:
  \prereq 25,40,30,30:
\reqhalfcourse 45,30:{2023}{Procedural\\Prog.\,Devel.}{MWF 2:30}
  \prereq 50,45,45,30:
\reqhalfcourse 65,30:{2513}{Informat.\\Systems}{TTh 1:00}
  \coreq 50,45,65,30:
\reqhalfcourse 10,20:{2333}{Computab.\,\&\\Formal\,Lang.}{TTh 11:30}
  \prereqc 25,40,10,20;0:
  \mini 10,26:{1083}
  \prereq 10,26,10,20:
\reqhalfcourse 45,20:{2013}{Software\\Engineer.\,I}{MWF 11:30}
  \prereq 45,30,45,20:
\halfcourse 55,20:{2685}{\texttt{C++}\\Program.}{no}
  \prereq 45,30,55,20:
\reqhalfcourse 15,10:{3323}{Data\\Structures}{MWF 10:30}
  \prereq 25,40,15,10:
  \mini 21,16:{2013}
  \prereq 21,16,15,10:
\reqhalfcourse 25,10:{3813}{Comput.\\Organiz.\,II}{TTh 8:30}
  \prereq 30,30,25,10:
\reqhalfcourse 35,10:{3413}{Operating\\Systems\,I}{MWF 9:30}
  \prereq 30,30,35,10:
  \recomm 45,20,35,10:
\halfcourse 45,10:{3013}{Software\\Engineer.\,II}{MWF 11:30}
  \prereq 45,20,45,10:
\halfcourse 58,10:{3513}{Database\\Mngt.\,Sys.\,I}{MWF 8:30 pm}
  \prereq 65,30,58,10:
  \prereq 45,20,58,10:
\reqhalfcourse 70,10:{3503}{Sys.\,Anal.\\\&\,Design}{TTh 10:00}
  \prereq 65,30,70,10:
A solid arrow \solidarrow\  indicates a required prerequisite,
a dotted arrow \dottedarrow\
indicates a corequisite (to be taken before or concurrently), and a
dashed arrow \dashedarrow\ indicates a recommended prerequisite.
Core courses are in \boldbox\ boxes;
other courses (i.e.,~options or prerequisites)
are in \lightbox\ boxes.
\item Timetabling abbreviations: M, T, W, Th, F=Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri,
resp.; eve=7:00--9:50 pm; no=not offered.



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