Example: Porter model

Published 2009-10-26 | Author: Charles-Axel Dein

A Porter five (or six) forces model.

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Porter model

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% Porter model
% Author: Charles-Axel Dein

\renewcommand{\rmdefault}{bch} % change default font



[node distance = 1cm, auto,font=\footnotesize,
every node/.style={node distance=3cm},
% The comment style is used to describe the characteristics of each force
comment/.style={rectangle, inner sep= 5pt, text width=4cm, node distance=0.25cm, font=\scriptsize\sffamily},
% The force style is used to draw the forces' name
force/.style={rectangle, draw, fill=black!10, inner sep=5pt, text width=4cm, text badly centered, minimum height=1.2cm, font=\bfseries\footnotesize\sffamily}] 

% Draw forces
\node [force] (rivalry) {Rivalry among existing competitors};
\node [force, above of=rivalry] (substitutes) {Threat of substitutes};
\node [force, text width=3cm, dashed, left=1cm of substitutes] (state) {Public policies};
\node [force, left=1cm of rivalry] (suppliers) {Bargaining power of suppliers};
\node [force, right=1cm of rivalry] (users) {Bargaining power of users};
\node [force, below of=rivalry] (entrants) {Threat of new entrants};

% Change data from here

\node [comment, below=0.25 of rivalry] (comment-rivalry) {(+) A war against Microsoft\\
(+) Limiting sunk costs\\
(+) Coopetition};

\node [comment, below=0.25cm of suppliers] {(+) Efficiency\\
(+) Attracting other developers\\
(+) Creating a Chrome community};

\node [comment, right=0.25 of substitutes] {(+) Portability};

\node [comment, below=0.25 of users] {(+) Increasing the user information\\
(+) Reducing the switching costs};

\node [comment, right=0.25 of entrants] {(+) EC vs. Microsoft};

\node [comment, text width=3cm, below=0.25 of state] {(+) Positively framed\\
(+) Transparency\\
(--) A new monopoly?};


% Draw the links between forces
(substitutes) edge (rivalry)
(suppliers) edge (rivalry)
(users) edge (rivalry)
(entrants) edge (comment-rivalry);

\caption{FOSS in Chrome influences industry structure by increasing competition}



  • #1 Sivaram N, October 27, 2009 at 3:47 a.m.

    I believe word wrapping has to be done as some text on the right is chopped off?


  • #2 Kjell Magne Fauske, October 27, 2009 at 8:20 a.m.

    @Sivaram: There is a scroll bar at the bottom, but ideally text should be approximately 80 chars wide to fit nicely. Wrapping the code manually takes time, so I leave that work to the authors of the examples.

    The problem can probably be partially fixed using a few CSS and Javascript tricks. I'll consider adding such features in the future.

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