Example: PDCA cycle

Published 2016-08-20 | Authors: Helmut , Bartman

A diagram of the PDCA cycle. Collaborative work of tikzanfaenger, Helmut, and Bartman at http://golatex.de/pdca-zyklus-mit-tikz-t16195.html

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PDCA cycle

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% PDCA cycle
% Author: tikzanfaenger, Helmut, and Bartman
   % inner radius, middle radius, outer radius, start angle,
   % end angle, tip protusion angle, options, text
   \fill[mygray, very thick] (\astart+\atip:\rin)
                         arc (\astart+\atip:\aend:\rin)
      -- (\aend-\atip:\rmid)
      -- (\aend:\rout)   arc (\aend:\astart+\atip:\rout)
      -- (\astart:\rmid) -- cycle;
      decoration = {
         text along path,
         text = {|\mytextstyle|#3},
         text align = {align = center},
         raise = -1.0ex
   ](\astart+\atip:\rmid) arc (\astart+\atip:\aend+\atip:\rmid);
   \fill[even odd rule,mymagenta] circle (1.5);

   \node at (0,0) [
      font  = \mytextstyle,
      color = white,
      align = center
   \arcarrow{ 85}{  3}{ PLAN  }
   \arcarrow{270}{357}{ DO    }
   \arcarrow{182}{269}{ CHECK }
   \arcarrow{176}{ 96}{ ACT   }


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