Example: Arithmetic of the clock

Published 2011-12-22 | Author: Juan Luis Varona

This example shows the products i times j for i and j from 0 to 11 by using arithmetic modulo 12, i.e., the so called arithmetic of the clock.

The results of the products are represented both by the color of the clock and by the hand.

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Arithmetic of the clock

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% Arithmetic of the clock
% Author: Juan Luis Varona
% http://www.unirioja.es/cu/jvarona/
% Colors:
\definecolor{clock0}{cmyk}{1,0,0,0} % cyan
\definecolor{clock4}{cmyk}{0,1,0,0} % magenta
\definecolor{clock8}{cmyk}{0,0,1,0} % yellow
  % \filldraw [fill=#3, line width=1.6pt] (0,0) circle (1cm); % simple fill (unused)
  % \draw[fill] (0,0) circle (1mm); % border (unused)
  \shadedraw [inner color=#3!30!white, outer color=#3!90!black, 
    line width=1.6pt] (0,0) circle (1cm); % disk with shadow and border
  \foreach \angle in {0, 30, ..., 330} 
    \draw[line width=1pt] (\angle:0.82cm) -- (\angle:1cm);
  \foreach \angle in {0,90,180,270}
    \draw[line width=1.3pt] (\angle:0.75cm) -- (\angle:1cm);
  \draw[line width=1.6pt] (0,0) -- (90-30*#4:0.6cm); % the hand 
% Default on latex.ltx: \fboxsep = 3pt \fboxrule = .4pt
\fboxsep = 3pt \fboxrule = 1.5pt 
\begin{scope}[line cap=round]
\foreach \i in {0,...,11}
  \foreach \j in {0,...,11} {
    % We use round by caution, because we are getting real numbers
    % \pgfmathresult = 3.0 gives itimesj = 3


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