Example: A mindmap showing TeX projects supported by DANTE e.V.

Published 2015-09-06 | Author: Stefan Kottwitz

A mindmap showing TeX projects supported by DANTE e.V., the german language TeX user group with home page at www.dante.de.

DANTE sponsors their server costs for the web sites shown in the mind map. The PDF file contains hyperlinks, so you can just click to see the project online.

These are:

and sub sites (wikis, article collections, news boards) and new projects (French forum, "Cookbook" example site with LaTeX recipes).

The code is not really for explanation, as it has been done quick and far from perfect, but is shown here to share the content.

Download as: [PDF] [TEX]

A mindmap showing TeX projects supported by DANTE e.V.

Do you have a question regarding this example, TikZ or LaTeX in general? Just ask in the LaTeX Forum.
Oder frag auf Deutsch auf TeXwelt.de. En français: TeXnique.fr.

% A mindmap showing TeX online projects supported
% by DANTE e.V. which sponsors their server costs.
% Author: Stefan Kottwitz
% Information boxes
  \node [ annotation, #3, scale=0.65, text width = #1em,
          inner sep = 2mm ] at (#2) {%
\begin{tikzpicture}[ every annotation/.style = {draw,
                     fill = white, font = \Large}]
  \path[mindmap,concept color=black!40,text=white,
    every node/.style={concept,circular drop shadow},
    root/.style    = {concept color=black!40,
      font=\large\bfseries,text width=10em},
    level 1 concept/.append style={font=\Large\bfseries,
      sibling angle=50,text width=7.7em,
    level distance=15em,inner sep=0pt},
    level 2 concept/.append style={font=\bfseries,level distance=9em},
  node[root] {Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Django, Joomla,
    Dwoo, OSQA, phpBB, Wordpress, Mediawiki} [clockwise from=0]
    child[concept color=blue!60] {
      node {\href{http://golatex.de}{go\LaTeX\\.de}} [clockwise from=90]
        child { node (goForum) {\href{http://golatex.de/index.html}{Forum}} }
        child { node (goWiki) {\href{http://golatex.de/wiki/Hauptseite}{Wiki}} }
    child[concept color=blue] {
      node[concept] {\href{http://texwelt.de}{\TeX welt\\.de}}
        [clockwise from=30]
      child { node[concept] (TeXnique)
        {\href{http://texnique.fr}{\TeX nique\\.fr}} }
      child { node[concept] (TeXweltQA)
        {\href{http://texwelt.de/wissen/}{Fragen~\& Antworten}} }
      child { node[concept] (TeXweltBlog)
        {\href{http://texwelt.de/blog/}{User blog} }}
    child[concept color=green!40!black] {
      node[concept] {\href{http://texample.net/}{\TeX ample\\.net}}
        [clockwise from=310]
      child { node[concept] (TikZGalerie) 
        {\href{http://texample.net/tikz/examples/}{TikZ-Galerie}} }
      child { node[concept] (TeXampleBlog)
        {\href{http://texample.net/weblog/}{Blog}} }
      child { node[concept] (Planet)
        {\href{http://texample.net/community/}{Planet}} }
    child[concept color=red] {
      node[concept] (PGFPlots) {\href{http://pgfplots.net}{PGFPlots\\.net}}
      [clockwise from=270]
    child[concept color=red!60!black] {
      node[concept] {\href{http://latex-community.org/}{\LaTeX-Community\\.org}}
        [counterclockwise from=100]
      child { node[concept] (LaTeXForum)
      child { node[concept] (LaTeXArtikel)
        {\href{http://latex-community.org/know-how}{Artikel-Archiv}} }
      child { node[concept] (LaTeXNews)
        {\href{http://latex-community.org/home/news}{News}} }
    child[concept color=orange] {
      node[concept] (TeXdoc)
        {\href{http://texdoc.net/}{\TeX doc\\.net}}
        [clockwise from=100]
        child { node[concept] {\href{http://www.tex.ac.uk}{UK \TeX \\FAQ}}
    child[concept color=yellow!60!black] {
      node[concept] (Blogs) {Blogs} [clockwise from=139]
      child { node[concept] {\href{http://texblog.net/}{\TeX blog\\.net}}}
      child { node[concept] {\href{http://tikz.de/}{TikZ.de}} }
      child { node[concept] (Cookbook)
        {\href{http://latex-cookbook.net/}{\LaTeX-\\Cookbook\\.net}} }
    \info{goForum.north east}{above,anchor=west,xshift=1em}{%
      \item[] Seit 2008
      \item 68\,444 Beiträge
      \item 13\,715 Themen
      \item 5\,532 registrierte Nutzer
    \info{LaTeXForum.north west}{above,anchor=south}{%
      \item[] Seit 2008
      \item 81\,991 Beiträge
      \item 21\,026 Themen
      \item 13\,354 registrierte Nutzer
    \info[8]{LaTeXArtikel.west}{below,anchor=north east,xshift=3em,yshift=-2em}{%
      \item 115 Artikel
    \info[11]{LaTeXNews.south west}{below,anchor=north}{%
      \item 240 Meldungen
      \item[] Seit 2006
      \item 172 Autoren
      \item 384 Beispiele
      \item 152 erklärte Konzepte, Befehle und Pakete
    \info{TeXweltQA.south east}{above,anchor=north west}{%
      \item[] Seit 2013
      \item 1\,710 Fragen
      \item 2\,151 Antworten
      \item 479 registrierte Nutzer
      \item[] Seit 2013
      \item 14 Autoren
    \info[9]{PGFPlots.south west}{anchor=north east,xshift=1em}{%
      \item 14 Autoren
      \item 59 Beispiele
      \item 46 Blogs
    \info[14]{TeXnique.east}{anchor=west,xshift = 0.5em}{%
      \item[] 2015, aufgrund Idee mit französischen
              \TeX-Freunden nach der TUG Damstadt, experimentell
    \info[16]{Cookbook.east}{anchor=south west}{%
      \item[] Ab 10/2015, soll ca. 100 Beispiele aus
              dem \LaTeX\ Cookbook zeigen, sowie


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