Example: The pgf-soroban package

Published 2007-12-15 | Author: Alain Delmotte

The pgf-soroban package is a set of convenient macros for creating pictures of a a soroban. The soroban is a Japanese version of the abacus. For details on how to use the package, see the documentation.

Author:Alain Delmotte

Download as: [PDF] [TEX]

The pgf-soroban package

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% The pgf-soroban package
% Author: Alain Delmotte


   \tige{2}{0}{1}       %<- here a dot: unit million
   \tige{3}{0}{0}       %<- here no dot: hundreds of thousands
   \tige{4}{0}{0}       %<- here no dot: tens of thousands
   \tige{5}{4}{1}       %<- here a dot: units thousands
   \tige{8}{4}{1}       %<- here a dot: units



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