Example: A Petri-net for Hagen

Published 2006-11-08 | Author: The TikZ and PGF manual

This example is from the tutorial: A Petri-net for Hagen.

Author: Till Tantau
Source: The PGF/TikZ manual

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A Petri-net for Hagen

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% Author: Till Tantau
% Source: The PGF/TikZ manual

\begin{tikzpicture}[node distance=1.3cm,>=stealth',bend angle=45,auto]

  \tikzstyle{place}=[circle,thick,draw=blue!75,fill=blue!20,minimum size=6mm]
  \tikzstyle{red place}=[place,draw=red!75,fill=red!20]
  			  fill=black!20,minimum size=4mm]

  \tikzstyle{every label}=[red]

    % First net
    \node [place,tokens=1] (w1)                                    {};
    \node [place] (c1) [below of=w1]                      {};
    \node [place] (s)  [below of=c1,label=above:$s\le 3$] {};
    \node [place] (c2) [below of=s]                       {};
    \node [place,tokens=1] (w2) [below of=c2]                      {};

    \node [transition] (e1) [left of=c1] {}
      edge [pre,bend left]                  (w1)
      edge [post,bend right]                (s)
      edge [post]                           (c1);

    \node [transition] (e2) [left of=c2] {}
      edge [pre,bend right]                 (w2)
      edge [post,bend left]                 (s)
      edge [post]                           (c2);

    \node [transition] (l1) [right of=c1] {}
      edge [pre]                            (c1)
      edge [pre,bend left]                  (s)
      edge [post,bend right] node[swap] {2} (w1);

    \node [transition] (l2) [right of=c2] {}
      edge [pre]                            (c2)
      edge [pre,bend right]                 (s)
      edge [post,bend left]  node {2}       (w2);

    % Second net
    \node [place,tokens=1]
                      (w1')                                                {};
    \node [place]     (c1') [below of=w1']                                 {};
    \node [red place] (s1') [below of=c1',xshift=-5mm,label=left:$s$]      {};
    \node [red place,tokens=3]
                      (s2') [below of=c1',xshift=5mm,label=right:$\bar s$] {};
    \node [place]     (c2') [below of=s1',xshift=5mm]                      {};
    \node [place,tokens=1]
                      (w2') [below of=c2']                                 {};

    \node [transition] (e1') [left of=c1'] {}
      edge [pre,bend left]                  (w1')
      edge [post]                           (s1')
      edge [pre]                            (s2')
      edge [post]                           (c1');

    \node [transition] (e2') [left of=c2'] {}
      edge [pre,bend right]                 (w2')
      edge [post]                           (s1')
      edge [pre]                            (s2')
      edge [post]                           (c2');

    \node [transition] (l1') [right of=c1'] {}
      edge [pre]                            (c1')
      edge [pre]                            (s1')
      edge [post]                           (s2')
      edge [post,bend right] node[swap] {2} (w1');

    \node [transition] (l2') [right of=c2'] {}
      edge [pre]                            (c2')
      edge [pre]                            (s1')
      edge [post]                           (s2')
      edge [post,bend left]  node {2}       (w2');

  \draw [-to,thick,snake=snake,segment amplitude=.4mm,
         segment length=2mm,line after snake=1mm]
    ([xshift=5mm]s -| l1) -- ([xshift=-5mm]s1' -| e1')
    node [above=1mm,midway,text width=3cm,text centered]
      {replacement of the \textcolor{red}{capacity} by 
        \textcolor{red}{two places}};

    \filldraw [line width=4mm,join=round,black!10]
      (w1.north  -| l1.east)  rectangle (w2.south  -| e1.west)
      (w1'.north -| l1'.east) rectangle (w2'.south -| e1'.west);



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