Example: Logic diagram

Published 2011-12-31 | Author: Stefan Kottwitz

Math formulas and arrows with TikZ

In the Art of Problem Solving Forum somebody asked for help in creating a construction for proofs and demonstrations in Logic by LaTeX commands. Math expressions should be aligned, some connected by arrows going vertically and horizontally.

This example uses TikZ for arrows and its matrix library for math nodes. Some nodes are connected by -| or |- path construction operations.

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Logic diagram

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% Logic diagram
% Author: Stefan Kottwitz
\begin{tikzpicture}[every node/.style={anchor=west}]
  \matrix (m) [matrix of math nodes,
    nodes in empty cells]{
    \quad & 1.\quad (x)(Q\supset Fx) & \\
    & 2.\quad Q\supset Fx & \textrm{I,\textbf{UI}} & \\
    & 3.\quad Q \\
    & 4.\quad Fx & 2, 3, \textrm{ M.P.}\\
    & 5.\quad (x)Fx & 4, \textrm{ \textbf{UG}} \\
    & 6.\quad Q\supset(x)Fx & 3-5, \textrm{ C.P.} \\
    & 7.\quad \parbox[t]{2.9cm}{%
             $[Q\supset(x)Fx]$} & 1-6, \textrm{ C.P.}\\};
  \draw[-stealth] (m-7-2.north east)
               -| (m-1-1.west) |- (m-1-2);
  \draw[-stealth] (m-6-2.north east)
               -| (m-3-1.east) |- (m-3-2);


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