Example: Interaction nets

Published 2008-06-27 | Author: Marc de Falco

These examples are from the documentation of the tikz-inet package available on CTAN. The package helps you to draw interaction nets (a graphical programming paradigm close to functional programming and linear logic).

Author:Marc de Falco
Source:The tikz-inet documentation

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Interaction nets

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% Interaction nets
% Author: Marc de Falco

    \foreach \x in {1,...,12} {

    \inetwire(B.middle pax)(A.middle pax)
    \inetwire(A.pal)(pa.middle pax)
    \inetwire(B.pal)(p.middle pax)

    \inetcell{A} &
    \inetcell[fancycellstyle=green]{B} \\
    \inetcell[bottom color=green]{C} &
    \inetcell[draw=black]{D} \\
    \inetcell[very thick]{E} &
    \inetnofancy \inetcell{F} \inetfancy \\

    \foreach \x in {1,...,\order} {
        \foreach \y/\symbol in {0/!,1/?} {

    \foreach \x in {1,...,\order} {
        \foreach \y in {1,...,\arity} {
                (c0\x.pax \y)(c1\the\nextcell.pax \the\nextport)


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    Wow. This looks extremely good. Nice choice of contrasting shades

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