Example: Christmas tree plotted

Published 2011-12-24 | Author: Jake
Posted for celebrating Christmas 2011 on TeX.SX.

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Christmas tree plotted

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% A Christmas tree with pgfplots
% By Jake
    hide axis, clip=false,
    y domain=0:2*pi,
    samples=30,axis equal, view={45}{20}]
\addplot3 [domain=0:4,surf,shader=flat,z buffer=sort,fill=green!50!brown, draw=green!50!black, line join=bevel] 
\addplot3 [domain=0:4.5, samples=10, samples y=0, fill=yellow!85!red, draw=yellow!55!red] ({0},{sin(x/5*360) * (1 - x + floor(x)) },{cos(x/5*360) * (1 - x + floor(x) )  + 0.5}) -- cycle;


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