TikZ and PGF Resources

A growing collection of links to various TikZ and PGF resources.

Mailing lists and online forums

Where to ask questions and look for answers


A relatively new but growing LaTeX forum/community. Have some friendly and active members that can answer most TeX-related questions.

The pgf-users mailing list on Sourceforge

A friendly and relatively active mailing list. Subscribing to this list is highly recommended.


A TeX related news group.


Various packages that extends or are built on top of TikZ and PGF.


A package for drawing Bode, Nichols-Black and Nyquist diagrams.

CircuiTikz for drawing electrical networks

A set of LaTeX macros designed to make it easy to draw electrical networks in scientific publications. The circuits library available in the development version of PGF is inspired by this library.


Provides a friendly and well documented interface for creating plots with normal or logarithmic scaling. See also the pgfplots gallery.

A package for creating of colorful boxes with a title and logo. It may use either TikZ or PSTricks as graphics engine.


A package for producing charts of course nodes linked by arrows representing pre- and co-requisites, and prerex, an interactive program for creating and editing chart descriptions. Built on PGF.


A simple package for drawing sparklines

tikz-qtree: Simple syntax and smarter layout for trees

This package provides a macro for drawing trees with TikZ using the easy syntax of Alexis Dimitriadis' Qtree. It improves on TikZ's standard tree-drawing facility by laying out tree nodes without collisions.


A package for creating timing diagrams.


A set of macros for drawing various classic graphs from graph theory.


A macro package for drawing graphs.


Provides facilities for linking elements of an amsmath align or aligned environment.


A package that provides macros for creating tables showing signs and variations of functions.

Tools for working with TikZ code


TikZiT is a cross-platform application that allows the creation and modification of TeX diagrams written using the pgf/TikZ macro library. It is especially geared toward rapidly creating "dot"-diagrams for use in academic papers.


A Perl script that extracts each tikzpicture environment to its own PDF file.


A small KDE application for easing the creation of TikZ diagrams.

Tools that generate PGF/TikZ code


A script for exporting Blender curves as TikZ paths. Useful when you need to create and manipulate complicated paths.


Dia is a GTK+ based general-purpose diagram creation program for Linux, Unix and Windows. Python scriptable! Can save diagrams as PGF code.


A Graphviz to LaTeX converter


Eps2pgf is a PostScript interpreter that converts EPS figures to PGF/TikZ for inclusion in LaTeX documents. The advantage is that all texts are typeset by LaTeX, giving you all the powerful typesetting features and a uniform look of the final document.


A vector graphics application written in Java that replaces jpgfdraw. Can export illustrations as PGF commands, PNG, and SVG.


GeoGebra is a dynamic mathematics software for schools that joins geometry, algebra and calculus. An excellent TikZ exporter is available.

Inkscape TikZ exporter

An Inkscape extension for exporting SVG paths as TikZ code.


JFlap is a tool for experimenting with finite state machines, Turing machines and exploring many aspects of the theory of computation. JFlap2TikZ is a groovy script that converts a JFlap jff file representing a finite automaton, push down automaton, or Turing machine to LaTeX file depicting the automaton graphically using TikZ.


A Java AWT/Swing Graphics drop-in replacement that renders to the TikZ/PGF (LA)TEX language.


A Matlab script for converting figures to PGF code.


QtiPlot is a program for two- and three-dimensional graphical presentation of data sets and for data analysis.

Sketch - A 3D Scene Description Translator

A small, simple system for producing line drawings of two- or three-dimensional solid objects and scenes. Sketch generates PSTricks or PGF/TikZ code, allowing three dimensional drawings to be annotated using LaTeX.

TpX drawing tool

A lightweight, graphical editor for vector graphics. Windows only.


A PIC-like interpreter. Can output PGF/TikZ code as well as many other formats. Use it with circuit-macros, a powerful set of m4 macros for drawing electric circuit diagrams.


A collection of command line utilities for *nix. Creates mathematically accurate line figures, plots, and movies. Supports TikZ, PSTricks and EEPIC as output formats. Check out the impressive gallery.


A MATLAB script for converting MATLAB plots into TikZ figures for easy and consistent inclusion into LaTeX. Originally based on the Matfig2PGF script. Leverages the Pgfplots package.


An R package for use with Sweave that allows for the speedy compilation of high quality graphics by using TeX package PGF and the utility eps2pgf.

tikzDevice - TikZ output from R

The tikzDevice package provides a new graphics device for R which enables direct output of graphics as TikZ commands. The device output consists of files that may be imported directly into LaTeX documents using the \input{} command.

Tutorials and articles

Graphics in LaTeX

An overview of packages for producing line art graphics. Contains a favorable review of PGF and TikZ

Graphics with PGF and TikZ

An article from the PracTeX journal, written as a collection of graduated examples. The examples presented here cover a wide spectrum of use and provide a starting point for exploration.

LaTeX Figures with PGF and TikZ

An excellent review of the pros and cons of using PGF and TikZ for creating graphics. Published on the High Energy PhDs weblog.

Statistiker-wg.de tutorials

An impressive collection of tutorials that covers a wide variety of TikZ topics. Beautifully presented. In German.

Trace Diagram Codes & Examples

Displays diagrams and the code used to create trace diagrams.



A collection of various TikZ-related packages and examples.

Graph Theory in LaTeX

A gallery of (combinatorial) graphs produced by using LaTeX. Previously on graphtheoryinlatex.blogspot.com.