During the last five days I added fifteen examples to the gallery. Some were sent by email (thank you!), some are from the TeX.SE and TeXwelt.de sites, question and answer sites with creative commons license. I bookmarked nice examples I noticed, and from time to time I’m adding such drawings here, with backlink to the original post. Now the gallery shows 371 drawings.

You may have seen that my previous blog post dates back to 2013. Though I’m not blogging much here, I’m continuing to add TikZ drawings to the gallery, so you may see that it’s growing further. I just mentioned it today because it was quite a bunch of drawings these days.

I consider this gallery as a valuable resource for learning and for helping to create own drawings, and as a showcase what TikZ and its users are capable of.

I’m writing and blogging on some sites, for example on the German language blog TikZ.de. Seven blog posts this month by me there, and our TikZ friends Elke, Clemens and cis also joined and shared some very nice drawings there in many further posts. Perhaps have a look! Even if you don’t understand German - there are drawings and codes. ;-)

You can see the new examples here: Gallery chronologically sorted.

Just three samples:

Stacked disks Flipping a coin Projection of circles onto a sphere


Thanks to all for their contributions!


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