Today I created a build from the CVS version of pgf/TikZ and added it to the pgf builds section. Also the current manual has been typeset and is available there as well.

For some time, there were no updates because interested developers could easily get it from But I read several times, such as here on TeX.SX, that people are interested in current versions, even if they are development versions, because TikZ is very popular and so are its new features.

So, you can get a TDS archive and the manual from the TikZ and PGF builds section of this site.

If you want to get it yourself, you could install a CVS client. For example, on Ubuntu you can easily install it by

sudo apt-get install cvs

at the command prompt. Also at the command prompt, you can get the archive through anonymous access, as described here, by

cvs login
cvs -z3 co -P pgf

When you are asked for a password, just press the Enter key.

You can make a script for this, for example for removing an unnecessary local CVS folder or moving the files to your TeX directory. Building the manual is easy too. Just change into the desired folder, such as pgf/doc/generic/pgf/version-for-pdftex/en and run make all. Note, it can be required that you installed the new version of pgf for being able to compile the current manual. I copied the CVS version to my $TEXMFHOME folder, so I could easily remove it when I would like to use the version which has been currently published as stable.

I will continue updating in the future, providing recent builds.

Update: Paul Gaborit provided a very good explanation and a shell script here: How to create your own TDS archive from sourceforge via CVS. Specifically, he recommends to use LuaLaTeX for typesetting the pgf manual to obtain a more complete version including the part about the new graph drawing engine.


  • #1 linpan, July 11, 2012 at 9:04 a.m.

    Very good. I want to learn more skill about pgf/TikZ. Could you tell me the difference between pgf/TikZ and Latex? Thanks a lot!

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