Example: Lune of Hippocrates

Published 2008-11-27 | Author: Alain Matthes

What is the relationship between the area of the isosceles right triangle ABC and the area of the lune?

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Lune of Hippocrates

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% 25/11/2008
% Alain Matthes


    \path[draw] (-4,0)  coordinate [label= left:$A$] (A)
            -- ( 0,4)  coordinate [label=above:$C$] (C)
            -- ( 4,0)  coordinate [label=right:$B$] (B)
            -- cycle;
    \foreach \point in {A,B,C}
           \fill [black] (\point) circle (2pt);
    \draw [color=red] circle(4cm);
    % The radius of the inner circular arc is equal to the length of BC.
    % Use the math engine to do the necessary calculations and store the
    % radius in the \n1 register
         let \p1 = ($ (B) - (C) $),
             \n1 = {veclen(\x1,\y1)} in
         (A) arc (180:360:4cm) arc (-45:-135:\n1);


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