PGF 2012-11-04 CVS build details

A snapshot of the CVS version of PGF. Build date: 2012-11-04.

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Changes since the previous build:

2012-11-01 Christian Feuersaenger

  • manual styles: improved robustness of auto cross references & active spaces

2012-10-18 Christophe Jorssen

  • Fixed a bug with active colon in circuits lib. Probably more to fix in other libraries.

2012-10-11 Christian Feuersaenger

  • Improved precision of math functions asin and acos (using linear interpolation instead of constant interpolation)

2012-09-27 Till Tantau

  • Worked on gd.

2012-09-26 Christian Feuersaenger

  • fixed pgfsys-pdftex.def : very old regression with \setbeamercovered{transparent} and \pause Patch by Hendrik Vogt

2012-08-29 Till Tantau

  • Added support for sublayouts in gd (not yet fully documented). This allows one to use several algorithms inside a single graph.

2012-06-28 Till Tantau

  • Redone handling of clusters in gd yet again. Renamed them to "collections". Much better system now, can handle hyperedges, subgraphs and other stuff (in principle).
  • Nodes generated by a gd algorithm now have correct size information (this one was tricky!).

2012-06-22 Till Tantau

  • Redone handling of clusters in gd.
  • Worked on gd documentation.

2012-06-18 Christian Feuersaenger

  • fixed minor expansion issue \foreach \x in {a,...,d} lead to unexpanded value \x

2012-06-18 Christian Feuersaenger

  • externalization: added special switch to deactivate incompatible geometry drivers during externalization

2012-05-31 Till Tantau

  • Redone
  • Added documentation for said class.

2012-05-23 Till Tantau

  • Worked on gd documentation.
  • Replaced old luadoc by customized version. Gets called directly from tex.

Warning: The development version is not always stable. If the latest build causes problems, download and install an earlier build and wait for a bug fix.


Changes since the PGF 2.0 release: