PGF 2012-05-18 CVS build details

A snapshot of the CVS version of PGF. Build date: 2012-05-18.

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Changes since the previous build:

2012-05-17 Christian Feuersaenger

  • external lib: added support for MD5/diff based up-to-date checks. Changes to a picture will automatically result in a remake of the respective external graphics.

2012-05-03 Christophe Jorssen

  • Fix bug #3527068 (\pgfmathatantwo did not exist)

2012-05-14 Till Tantau

  • Changed syntax. Not likely to change again...
  • Added support for algorithms to create nodes and edge in the syntactic digraph.
  • Introduced library graphdrawing.examples that includes some code demonstrating how "things are done".

2012-05-13 Christian Feuersaenger

  • context: fixed catcode issues by means of suitable module \protect/\unprotect statements.

2012-05-06 Till Tantau

  • Introduced a new class model for graph drawing (Digraph, Arc, and Vertex instead of Graph, Edge, Node). I'm currently porting all the old code, but it takes a while and it's a bit messy right now. Some easy algorithms are already based on the new system, old ones not. In the end, things should be significantly faster and also easier to program.

2012-05-03 Christophe Jorssen

  • Attempt to fix bug in calc lib when '!' or ':' are active (not fully tested but should work).

2012-05-02 Christophe Jorssen

  • Attempt to fix bug with label and pin when ':' is active (not fully tested but should work).

2012-04-19 Till Tantau

  • Finished the first two chapters of the documentation of gd (overview and tikz usage).
  • Module system is now redone and the directory structure has been reorganized. No more messing around with lua modules, everything is perfectly portable now.

2012-04-17 Till Tantau

  • Started to completely redo the module system of graph drawing in lua. I'm in the middle of it, so its currently messy, but it works.

2012-04-12 Till Tantau

  • Implemented packing procedure for graph drawing.
  • Cleaned up graph drawing source some more.
  • Renamed lots of files (still not happy with it, though).

2012-04-11 Till Tantau

  • Implemented Reingold-Tilford tree layout.

2012-04-05 Till Tantau

  • Implemented my first graph drawing algorithm: circular layout.

2012-04-03 Till Tantau

  • Introduced new declaration mechanism for graph drawing algorithm classes
  • Implemented preprocessing step of decomposing a graph into connected components.

2012-04-02 Till Tantau

  • Cleaned up graph drawing algorithm directories: Moved obsolete algorithms to special directory.
  • Switched graph drawing calling interface from function-base to object-based: All graph drawing algorithms must now be implemented in a class
  • Cleaned up file and class names of graph drawing engine.

2012-03-30 Till Tantau

  • Fixed problem that in case math library is loaded before pgf some math functions were broken (because \pgfmath@xa and \pgf@xa were different registers, which they should not be).

2012-03-29 Till Tantau

  • Added anchoring and orientation to graph drawing library.

2012-03-21 Till Tantau

  • Added arrows.spaced library.
  • Added quotation syntax to graph lib.
  • Renamed some graph drawing layouts.
  • Worked on documentation of graph drawing lib.

2012-03-07 Christophe Jorssen

  • Moved wrappers for luatex primitives (\pgfutil@directlua, \pgfutil@ifluatex, \pgfutil@luaescapestring) to pgfutil-common.tex
  • Added support for luatex to the profiler library by emulating \pdfelapsedtime.

2012-02-27 Till Tantau

  • Fixed wrong edef in graph lib that broke the /-syntax when text contained expandable stuff.

2012-02-21 Christophe Jorssen

  • More work on the luamath parser and evaluator.

2012-01-24 Christophe Jorssen

  • Fix a bug in tikz polar coordinates (reported on braces around a delimited argument are removed.

2012-01-10 Christophe Jorssen

  • Fix a bug in pgfmath != operator (reported and fixed on

2012-01-09 Christophe Jorssen

  • Fix a pgfmath dependency for pgffor.

2012-01-03 Till Tantau

  • Added pos support to the arc command (finally...).
  • Added support to the graph library for drawing tries.
  • Added support to the graph library for adding edge labels in an easier way.

Warning: The development version is not always stable. If the latest build causes problems, download and install an earlier build and wait for a bug fix.


Changes since the PGF 2.0 release:

See changes of 2012 above.