PGF 2010-09-28 CVS build details

A snapshot of the CVS version of PGF. Build date: 2010-09-28.

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Changes since the previous build:

2010-09-27 Till Tantau <...>

  • Started on graph lib. Not yet finished and not documented.

2010-09-21 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

  • Added plot markers of Magnus Tewes and Tomek: halfcircle, halfsquare, halfsquare left, halfsquare right*, heart

2010-09-08 Till Tantau <...>

  • Added \pgfpositionnodelater and \pgfpositionnodenow commands.

2010-08-31 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

  • externalization+\ref: fixed a bug

2010-08-30 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

  • external lib: documented how to generate .png graphics and added support switches.

2010-08-26 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

  • added 'baseline=default', 'trim left=default' and 'trim right=default' choices to reset these keys.

2010-08-25 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

  • added support to provide paragraphs in "pin" arguments

2010-08-24 Till Tantau <...>

  • Worked on data visualization and its documentation.

2010-08-23 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

  • basic level externalization: added \hoffset=0pt and \voffset=0pt to improve compatibility with special document classes
  • added docs for \deferredanchor feature contributed by Christophe Jorssen <...>
  • ConTeXt support: fixed loading problem of calendar lib

2010-08-18 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

  • pgfsys-tex4ht.def: fixed problem with \par in a non-long macro argument, thereby eliminating a compilation problem
  • pgfsys-tex4ht.def: renamed offending macro invocation \Par to \par

2010-08-16 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

  • basic level image externalization: added '/pgf/images/trim external={}{}{}{}' to allow modifications to the hardcoded '1truein' shifts.
  • added '/.style n args' key.
  • \usetikzlibrary / \usepgflibrary: added support for white-space trimming and empty arguments in the lists. Now, lines do not need to be terminated by '%' and ',,' is valid.

2010-08-13 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

  • external lib: documented how to solve compatibility problems with \tikzifexternalizing

2010-08-11 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

  • added \deferredanchor feature contributed by Christophe Jorssen <...>

2010-08-03 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

  • added optimized and numerically stable arc path command \pgfpatharctoprecomputed which interpolates start- and end points

Warning: The development version is not always stable. If the latest build causes problems, download and install an earlier build and wait for a bug fix.


Changes since the PGF 2.0 release:

2010-09-27 Till Tantau <...>

	- Started on graph lib. Not yet finished and not documented.

2010-09-21 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Added plot markers of Magnus Tewes and Tomek: halfcircle, halfsquare*,
	halfsquare left*, halfsquare right*, heart

2010-09-08 Till Tantau <...>

	- Added \pgfpositionnodelater and \pgfpositionnodenow

2010-08-31 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- externalization+\ref: fixed a bug

2010-08-30 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- external lib: documented how to generate .png graphics and added support

2010-08-26 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added 'baseline=default', 'trim left=default' and 'trim right=default' choices to reset these keys.

2010-08-25 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added support to provide paragraphs in "pin" arguments

2010-08-24 Till Tantau <...>

	- Worked on data visualization and its documentation.

2010-08-23 Christian Feuersaenger <...>
	- basic level externalization: added \hoffset=0pt and \voffset=0pt to improve
	compatibility with special document classes
	- added docs for \deferredanchor feature contributed by Christophe Jorssen <...>
	- ConTeXt support: fixed loading problem of calendar lib

2010-08-18 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- pgfsys-tex4ht.def: fixed problem with \par in a non-long macro argument,
	thereby eliminating a compilation problem
	- pgfsys-tex4ht.def: renamed offending macro invocation \Par to \par

2010-08-16 Christian Feuersaenger <...>
	- basic level image externalization: added '/pgf/images/trim external={<left>}{<bottom>}{<right>}{<top>}'
	to allow modifications to the hardcoded '1truein' shifts.
	- added '/.style n args' key.
	- \usetikzlibrary / \usepgflibrary: added support for white-space trimming
	and empty arguments in the lists. Now, lines do not need to be terminated
	by '%' and ',,' is valid.

2010-08-13 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- external lib: documented how to solve compatibility problems with

2010-08-11 Christian Feuersaenger <...>
	- added \deferredanchor feature contributed by Christophe Jorssen <...>

2010-08-03 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added optimized and numerically stable arc path command
	\pgfpatharctoprecomputed which interpolates start- and end points
2010-07-10 Christian Feuersaenger <...>
	- external lib: fixed incompatibility with 2010/06/08 v2.0b eso-pic package 

2010-07-06 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- external lib: added sanity checking for failed \ref,\pageref,\cite commands in external images.

2010-07-01 Christian Feuersaenger <...>
	- math parser: improved error messages by providing the complete math expression.

2010-06-30 Christian Feuersaenger <...>
	- added 'trim left' and 'trim right' features to simplify bounding box
	modifications and allow support for restricted bounding boxes and image

2010-06-16 Christian Feuersaenger <...>
	- pgfutil-latex.def: changed \usepackage to \RequirePackage (thanks to Christophe Jorssen)
	- external lib: added \tikzappendtofigurename{} shortcut for '\tikzset{external/figure name/.add={}{suffix}}'

2010-06-14 Christian Feuersaenger <...>
	- external lib: added warning at end of document if not all graphics have
	been found.

2010-06-10 Christian Feuersaenger <...>
	- updated file 'tikzexternal.sty' for \label and \ref support inside of
	externalized graphics
	- documented how \label and \ref support in external graphics works.
	- activated \label support for mode=convert with system call and
	documented limitations.

2010-06-09 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added \tikzifinpicture{<true code>}{<false code>} macro

2010-05-31 Till Tantau <...>

	- Worked on data visualization.

2010-05-30 Till Tantau <...>

	- Added .list key handler.

2010-05-26 Till Tantau <...>

	- Worked on data visualization.
2010-05-06 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- improved sanity checking in number printer: now, the zero flag is
	checked even if its exponent > 0

2010-04-22 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- floatparsenumber: number format errors after exponents now contain the offending
	character instead of '\relax' 

2010-04-12 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- number printer: added 'frac denom' and 'frac whole' for fine tuning of
	fractional number printing.

2010-04-10 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- number printer: made \protect portable across TeX variants (doesn't
	produce bugs with context anymore)
	- fpu: optimized \pgfmathfloatgetflagstomacro

2010-04-09 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added \pgfresetboundingbox
	- added \pgfgetlastxy coordinate macro
	- added '/pgf/images/include external/<image name>' code key.

2010-04-08 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- fpu: added convenience method \pgfmathfloattoint

2010-03-31 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- number printer: added 'frac' style to automatically create fractionals.

2010-03-25 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- splitted basic level file pgfcoreimage.code.tex: there is now a 
	pgfcoreexternal.code.tex file.

2010-03-24 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- \pgfmathprintnumber is no longer a "fragile" command (it is \protect'ed
	automatically in LaTeX).

2010-03-23 Till Tantau <...>

	- Fixed baseline alignment with "text width" option in LaTeX.

2010-03-23 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- New divide function
	- Rewrote code foreach extensions. Now no longer an impenetrable mess.
	  pgffor.code.tex is much larger, but contains some (as yet) undocumented 
	  features which may get optimised out.
2010-03-19 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Image externalization: added '/pgf/images/aux in dpth' feature.
	It allows to store \label and other .aux file related stuff in the image's
	.dpth file which is processed when when the main document includes the
	The new switch is on for the semi-automatic modes of the external lib, otherwise it is

2010-03-17 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- pgfkeys: added '.code n args' handler. The difference to '.code
	args={#1#2#3}' is that keys defined with 'code n args' gobble spaces
	between the arguments.
	Note: 'code 2 args' remains as-is (it has the special feature that the
	second argument is optional).
	- fixed bug in '/.add code' key handler: it didn't work properly for
	complicated keys
	- pgfkeys manual section: updated xrefs and docs

2010-03-15 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- external lib: \tikzexternalize no longer needs (but still accepts) the
	main job's name. Changes are now documented and the replacement |.sty|
	file has been updated.
	- intersection lib: added 'name path global' feature.

2010-03-11 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- external lib: partially fixed incompatibility with glossary package and
	documented work-around

2010-03-05 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- FPU: added \pgfmathfloatifapproxequalrel 
	- number printing: added style to configure |sci precision|
	- number printing: added style to configure |std=<lower e>:<upper e>|

2010-03-03 Christian Feuersaenger <...>
	- external lib: the <real job's name> argument from \tikzexternalize is
	now optional. It can be deduced automatically if it is missing.

2010-02-18 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- number printing: added 'sci generic' style to customize the appearance
	of scientific format and a 'verbatim' style which doesn't use TeX macros
	for the formatted numbers.

2010-02-17 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- external lib: now, a |\jobname.auxlock| file will be generated in order
	to detect whether the \jobname.aux file is in its final state. This allows
	to export any images containing |\ref{}| manually; the automatic procedure
	will not use the .aux file.

2010-02-16 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Added \ifpgfexternalreadmainaux switch. Will be used to avoid buffering
	problems during externalization mode 'convert with system call'.

2010-02-16 Till Tantau <...>

	- Fixed bug "papersize not supported by pgfsys-xetex.def - ID: 2934982"

2010-02-09 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Improved automatic cross referencing: auto key path prefixing failed for
	spaces in key paths.

2010-02-08 Till Tantau <...>

	- Added "on background layer" key to backgrounds lib.

2010-02-02 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added \pgfmathifisint
	- supported \nofiles in auto xref generation

2010-02-01 Christian Feuersaenger <...>
	- externalization: both, basic layer and external lib now support \ref{}s
	inside of externalized pictures. Furthermore, they won't generate any aux
	files on their own (which wouldn't be thread safe and is not useful

2010-01-29 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- external lib: fixed bug with figure list/makefile handling and file
	deps: calling file dependency handlings outside of a picture could result
	in compilation failures

2010-01-27 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- external lib: mode=list and make now supports the force remake keys.
	- external lib: the -shell-escape switch for nested system calls is
	activated only if it was active for the main document. This should allow a
	reasonable security measure for mode=list and make (which will also work
	without system calls from within TeX).

2010-01-18 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- external lib: added support for file dependencies.
	For mode=list and make, any file dependencies configured with
	\tikzpicturedependsonfile{<name>} will be checked by the generated

2010-01-16 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- profiler library now uses an output file which contains the current date
	and time. Furthermore, it counts every invocation and allows to show every
	command invocation (optionally with arguments expanded).

2010-01-14 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- profiler library can now profile macros with arbitrary argument pattern
	and is more rebust with respect to save stack usage

2010-01-11 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- worked on profiler library and added docs for it.

2010-01-10 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added first draft of the pgf 'profiler' library

2010-01-07 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Fix for rounded corners affecting custom fills in rectangle 
	  split shape.

2009-12-29 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- updated the 'make dist' documentation target such that it compresses
	every pdf object. The resulting manual is half as large than without
	compression, but it requires pdf 1.5 (at least acrobat 6.0).

2009-12-22 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- external lib: some output messages did not respect the 'verbose
	IO=false' flag; fixed that
	- fixed buggy treatment of some automatic cross references in manual

2009-12-15 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- external lib: improved the tikzexternal.sty package which can be used
	without pgf installed.

2009-12-04 Till Tantau <...>

	- added spy library.
2009-12-02 Christian Feuersaenger <...>
	- imported a patch of Andy Schlaikjer which extends the 'plot gnuplot'
	feature to read the ``unbounded point'' information provided by gnuplot.

2009-11-29 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added \r@pgf@reada temporary \openin register for compatibility with
	other packages

2009-11-19 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- fixed an auto xref bug which wrote '\pgfkeys{}' although the manual
	contained |\pgfkeys|.

2009-11-18 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- external lib: the 'optimize command away' things where not activated
	accidentally. I fixed it.
	- added support for new paragraphs in pgfkeys values
	- fixed bug in |const plot| handler (and all its variants): the first
	coordinate was transformed twice

2009-11-15 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- auto xrefs now support point coordinate systems.
	- auto xrefs now provide an interface to deal with tricky active
	characters (for |-)
	- external lib: improved compatibility with |fadings| libary.
	- replaced 'set terminal table; set output "<file>"' by 'set table "<file>"'
	to maintain compatibility with the new gnuplot version.

2009-11-14 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- pgfmanual.pdf: provided a 'make dist' target in version_for_pdftex/en
	which activates automatic hyper references from codeexamples to key
	This utilizes larger memory limits, configured in

2009-11-12 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Added the 'small mindmap' style.

2009-11-06 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- FPU: improved sanity checks and exception handling for the decompose
	routines (pgfmathfloatgetexponent etc) and the number parser.
	Added exception 'wrong lowlevel format'.

2009-10-20 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- renamed 'text mark/style' to 'text mark style' and 'text mark/as node'
	to 'text mark as node' (there are backw. compatibility hooks).
	This should avoid confusion with '.unknown' handlers.

2009-10-19 Christian Feuersaenger <...>
	- improved error recovery of external lib.

2009-10-16 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- temporarily disabled the auto cross references -- it seems they compile
	only with increased memory.

2009-10-15 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Installed preliminary version of automatic cross referencing tool.
	Now, every codeexample is parsed for options and control sequences which
	have been defined somewhere else in the document; pdf cross references are
	built automatically as well.
	- configured links to be blue throughout the document.
	- external lib: added \tikzexternaldisable such that partial externalization is possible
	although the document contains unsupported constructs (where environments
	can't be identified without macro expansion).
	The pgfmanual compiles with image externalization now.

2009-10-13 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added \pgfutilsolvetwotwoleq to solve 2x2 linear equation systems using
	column pivotisation and gauss elim. Should result in improved quality
	compared with \pgftransforminvert as internal equation solver

2009-10-09 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Defined \pgfdeclaregenericanchor to allow anchors which get the shape
	name as argument. Only useful internally.

2009-09-15 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Fixed buggy treatment of white spaces in \jobname and 'plot function'
	using \pgfutilpreparefilename.

2009-09-04 Till Tantau <...>

	- Fixed bug item #2834141 [wrong reversed double arrows]
	- Fixed bug item #2834233 [shapes libraries]
	- Fixed bug item #2822265 [tangent coordinates not working in CVS]
	- Changed \rm to \tf in Context.

2009-07-31 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- external lib: added 'mode=list and make'. Now, image externalisation
	time can be reduced with 'make -j 2 -f mainfile.makefile'.

2009-07-08 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- external lib: fixed treatment of long arguments in \tikz ... ; shortcut

2009-06-30 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- fixed white space bug in \pgfkeysdeactivatefamily
	- added \pgfmathfloatvalueof

2009-06-22 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added a '*' feature to '\pgfmathdeclarefunction' which overwrites
	existing functions.

2009-06-11 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added '/tikz/no marks' key.
	- fixed typo in external lib documentation: the key is called 'figure name',
	not 'file name'

2009-06-10 Christian Feuersaenger <...>
	- added \pgfgettransformentries and \pgfsettransformentries.
	- updated the external library such that it deals with active characters
	in the same way as without external library.
	- fixed bug in fpu cosh, sinh and tanh

2009-06-09 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- provided two new aliases for key filters, added \pgfkeyssetfamily.

2009-05-29 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- allowed numbers like '.9' in fpu.

2009-02-29 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Fix for signal shape. 

2009-05-22 Jin-Hwan Cho <...>

	- Applied the patches for dvipdfmx driver,
	pgf-doc-diff.version2cvs (2009-04-18) and
	pgf-generic-diff.version2cvs (2009-04-19).

2009-05-18 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Restored processing of unknown keys in the predefined key filters 'and',
	'not', 'or' and 'false': it was not improvement...

2009-05-17 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- fixed the sequence of arguments of
	\pgfqkeysactivatefamiliesandfilteroptions and 
	in the reference manual.

2009-05-16 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- key filtering: the composed key filter handlers 'not', 'and', 'false' and 'or' now 
	ignore unknown options and call the .unknown handlers.
	- pgfkeys: removed the experimental \pgfkeyssetdefaultpathforhandled method.
	It doesn't fit into the clean interface for pgfkeys - and the problem of
	default paths for handled keys can be solved better with the '/handler
	config' method.

2009-04-24 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- provided API function \pgfmathfloatifflags to simplify special cases in

2009-04-23 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added (primitive) veclen implementation for FPU.
	- added cosh, sinh, tanh to FPU

2009-04-21 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- fixed bug in external lib: empty lines in tikzpicture environments were not accepted 
	for some operating modes.

2009-04-18 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added \pgfqpointscale

2009-04-08 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added an optional argument count to 'optimize command away' in external

2009-04-03 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added the |figure name| key to the externalization library
	- improved docs for externalization library

2009-03-30 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- improved sanity checking of floating point comparison: does now also
	yield results for infty/nan
	- added fix for precedence bug for unary minus (fix has been suggested by
	Mark Wibrow, by mail conversation)

2009-03-22 Till Tantau <...>

	- Replaced \z@ by 0pt for context.

2009-03-21 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- external library: fixed the 'optimize' feature: pictures which won't be
	exported could not be optimized away (although they should)

2009-03-20 Till Tantau <...>

	- Replaced \toks@ and \voidb@x by \pgfutil@toks@ and

2009-03-14 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- improved docs for .search also.
	- fixed initial value for 'domain' such that it really uses the default

2009-03-09 Till Tantau <...>

	- Added patch for context color support in luatex.

2009-02-26 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- improved the optimization facilities of the external library:
	|optimize=false| will now properly restore any optimized material 
	when used in \tikzset
2009-02-23 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added |/handler config=all,only existing,full or existing|
	- added |.search also| key handler as a simple implementation of key
	search paths.
	- fixed default value for /tikz/samples at- there are no really 25
	samples, not 26. I forgot to fix this last time when I fixed 'samples'

2009-02-20 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added |\pgfkeyssetdefaultpathforhandled| feature as improvement for
	multiple key paths to pgfkeys. Reference documentation and an 
	application example is in the manual.

2009-02-13 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added 'mark=text' which draws arbitrary TeX content as plot marks to
	plot mark library.

2009-02-06 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Added key 'define function' to define simple local functions. 

2009-02-04 Till Tantau <...>

	- Worked on dv stuff.
2009-02-01 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Index argument to array is automatically truncated to an 
	- Text decoration can now be aligned along or fitted to a path.
	- Added key '/pgf/decoration/reverse path' to decorate a path 

2009-01-24 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- the FPU deactivation command is now assembled once and for all during
	its first usage.

2009-01-23 Till Tantau <...>

	- Changed the "ellipse", "circle" and "arc" commands, so that
	  they take options. This gives a much clearer and more
	  flexible syntax. Naturally, the old syntax continues to work
	  as expected. 
	- Documented svg stuff and added tikz interface. Most useful
	  for quickly converting svg pictures to tikz pictures...

2009-01-23 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- fixed fpu 'round' method - it rounded mantissas instead of the complete
	number before.

2009-01-22 Till Tantau <...>

	- Fixed some math stuff
	- Renamed \pgfpathcurvebetweentime* to
	- Added svg.path lib. It allows one to directly use
	  the svg syntax for paths (like "M10 10 L 20 20"). Not yet

2009-01-06 Till Tantau <...>

	- Added tutorial for mind/lecture maps.

2009-01-06 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- implemented fpu factorial
	- if the fixed point library is activated, the fpu will be deactivated
	- added draft for FPU documentation

2009-01-03 Christian Feuersaenger <...>
	- fixed bug in fpu sqrt.
	- added logical commands to fpu.
	- fixed bug in fpu related to multi-argument-commands
	- provided feature to disable fpu manually.

2008-12-31 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added support for pgf 2.00 and the fpu (works only with additional
	and technical work - the fpu file is not all which is needed)
	- added pow and greaterthan to FPU
	- fixed some FPU issues
	- fixed processing of '/tikz/domain' key - it produced N+1 samples instead
	of N.

2008-12-30 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added further functions to fpu; improved sanity checking; fixed smaller
	bugs related to fpu

2008-12-29 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- improved internal floating point code: it is possible to change the
	  low-level representation with minimal number of code lines.
	- modified low-level floating point representation. All high level code
	  should be completely unaffected; the changes are backwards compatible.
	- Wrote first draft of a floating point unit library (fpu) similar in
	  spirit to the fixed point library of Mark Wibrow.
	- Moved all floating point math operations (functions) into the fpu
	  library. It is now necessary to include the library in order to use
	  floating point math operations. The number formatting methods are still
	  available as before.

2008-12-28 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added trigonometric functions to floating point unit.

2008-12-17 Till Tantau <...>

	- Added \colorlet to ConTeXt stuff.

2008-12-14 Till Tantau <...>

	- Worked some more on data visualization stuff. Still in

2008-12-11 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added \pgfmathfloatexp.

2008-12-07 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- floating point macros now always use the basic pgf math methods for
	mantisse computations, even if the fixed point library is active.

2008-12-06 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- 'mark=none' is now equivalent with 'mark=' (disables plot marks).
	The previous behavior was to issue \pgfuseplotmark{none} which is
	equivalent to \relax (and wastes time).

2008-12-03 Till Tantau <...>

	- Changed exp function code in
	  pgfmathfunctions.basic.code.tex. It is now *much* more
	  precise for negative values and also more precise for
	  positive values.

2008-11-28 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- optimized \pgfmathfloattofixed for speed (although it introduces
	redundand zeros)
	- Added '/pgf/image/include external' command key as public interface 
	to modify the '\includegraphics' command in image externalization routines.

2008-11-24 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- fixed bug with |overlay| option and matrizes: now, cell pictures won't 
	collapse any more if the matrix has |overlay| enabled. However, the
	matrix' bounding box won't contribute to the image as desired.

2008-11-23 Christian Feuersaenger <...>
	- added support for active '!' characters (for example in blue!30!black
	and french babel setting)
	- modified processing of 'domain' option: the argument is '\edef'ed such
	that any potentially active ':' characters will be expanded to non-active
	ones (avoiding errors in the following processing).

2008-11-13 Till Tantau <...>

	- Fixed \pgfnodealias bug that caused chains to fail in matrices.

2008-10-30 Till Tantau <...>

	- Added shading library, mainly containing the new color wheel
	shading donated by Ken Starks.

2008-10-27 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- More fixes for insertion of spaces.

2008-10-27 Till Tantau <...>

	- Added square arrow send by
	- Changed pgfutil-context.def so that driver detection should
	  work once more.

2008-10-27 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Fixed insertion of space when parsing exponents.

2008-10-23 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added int truncation to floating point unit.

2008-10-22 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added abs, abserror and relerror to floating point unit.

2008-10-21 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added sqrt for floating point unit, built on top of pgfmathsqrt.

2008-10-09 Till Tantau <...>

	- Fixed the wrong lengths of support vectors for circles. Used to
	  be 0.555 (found by trial and error), while the correct value
	  is 4/3*(sqrt(2)-1) = 0.5522847, which gives much better
	  Thanks to Ken Starks for point this out.

2008-10-07 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Fixed rounded rectangle right arc bug.

2008-10-06 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Fixed missing treatment of 'assume math mode' in \pgfmathprintnumber'

2008-10-05 Till Tantau <...>

	- Fixed missing switching off of auto anchors in positioning

2008-10-01 Till Tantau <...>

	- Fixed matrix/pdfsync incompatibility.

2008-09-30 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Fixed some parsing bugs with arrays.
	- Fix for parsing of arrays in TikZ coordinates. 

2008-09-25 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Added number formatting option 'min exponent for 1000 sep'.

2008-09-21 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Fixed bug in math parser which inserted spaces into text
	  or picture.

2008-09-17 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added number formatting style 'sci superscript'
	Example: formats the number 42 as 4.2^1 instead of 4.2 \cdot 10^1

2008-09-15 Till Tantau <...>

	- Fixed bug "TikZ, the shadow library and ConTeXt MKIV
2008-09-14 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Fixed bug #2105132 for rounded rectangle.
	- Fixed bug #2044129 for chamfered rectangle.
2008-09-12 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Added \pgfpathcurvebetweentime.

2008-09-10 Till Tantau <...>

	- Fixed problem with nodes on a line inside a picture that is
	  inside a node of another picture. Pictures will now always
	  start with "pos=.5" set.

2008-09-07 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Slight hack of decorations so that the input path can consist of a
	  single move to. This enables stuff like 
	  \path [decoration={some decoration}, decorate] (4,5);

2008-09-03 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- fixed small bug related to '@dec sep mark' and not-a-number in number
	formatting routines.

2008-09-03 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Solutions for path intersections can now be sorted along either path.
	- \pgfintersectionsolutions is now a macro, not a count register.

2008-08-31 Mark Wibrow <...>
	- fix for ``Missing character...' warnings in logfile when using 
	- removed `trim integers' option from foreach as int function 
	  can now be used.

2008-08-31 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Rewrote math parser. Anyone who relies on, or has hacked internal 
	  parser or function macros, or has defined their own functions for
	  the parser will need to reconsult the code and/or documentation. 
	- Files for functions definitions split (possibly permanantly) into 
	  different files.
	- Scaling of results at the end of the parse is no longer the default 
	  action. This doesn't break PGF or TikZ, but it may break user code
	  that depended on this scaling. To turn it back on use 
	- Modifying existing functions or creating new functions must now be
	  done using \pgfmathdeclarefunction and \pgfmathredeclarefunction.
	- Single argument functions do not need parentheses, provided the
	  funtion is followed by a space, so sin 60 is the same as sin(60).
	  But! Functions have the highest precedence, so sin 60*\x is the 
	  same as sin(60)*\x.
	- Added {} operators for array specification and [] operators for 
	  array access - see docs for details.
	- added postfix ! factorial operator.
	- added c++/java style conditional e.g., \x > 10 ? 13 : 20.
	- added >=, <=, !=, prefix !, &&, || operators.
	- added atan2, log10, log2, e, int and frac functions.
	- adapted cosh, sinh and tanh from Martin Heller.
	- added lua-style random function for generating random integers.
	- added Mod function (note capital letter). Uses floored division
	  and is never negative.
	- min, max, veclen and pow can now be nested in any argument 
	- min and max can now take a variable number of arguments.
	- For compatability \pgfmathmax and \pgfmathmin still take two 
	  arguments (although these can contain comma separated expressions). 
	  However \pgfmathmin@ and \pgfmathmax@ now only take
	  one argument in the form \pgfmathmin@{{1}{2}{3}{4}{5}} (for 5 
	- added hex, Hex, bin, and oct functions. These functions will not
		work properly if the post-parse scaling is turned back on.
	- 0 prefix for integers now specifies an octal number which is 
	  automatically converted to base 10.
	- 0x or 0X prefix for integers now specifies a hexadecimal number, 
	  which is automatically converted to base 10. 
	- 0b or 0B prefix for integers now specifies a binary number, 
	  which is automatically converted to base 10.
	- "" characters turn off parsing (!) for part of an expression.
	- added width, height, and depth functions for text e.g., 
	  width("Some text"), but as an expression is \edef'ed before
	  parsing other commands will have to be `protected' e.g.,
	  width("\noexpand\Huge Some text").
	- bugfix for tan and cot. 

2008-08-27 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added '/tikz/external/export={true,false}' key for externalization

2008-08-05 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added documentation for basic layer externalization and baseline option.

2008-07-28 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added 'showpos' key to number printing (and alias 'print sign').

2008-07-22 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- fixed typo in pgfmathfloat.code.tex
	- added 'optimize command away=\macro' key to externalization library. It
	allows to discard unnecessary and possibly expensive user macros during
	export (unnecessary = not in selected picture).

2008-07-18 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Fixed bug in system layer path collecting. Very long paths
	are now processed more efficiently (the bug disabled an optimization).

2008-07-14 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added "marker" positions into the output of number formatting routines
	to find period positions (even if no period is typeset) and exponent
	positions. Allows alignment within auxiliary routines.

2008-07-14 Till Tantau <...>

	- Fixed dash phase bug.
	- Fixed missing library include in automata lib.
	- Added "align" option. "text ragged" and friends are now
	  deprecated. Text width need no longer not, but can, be
	  specified. The following now has the expected effect: \node
	  [draw,align=center] {Hello\\world.}; 

2008-07-10 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added \pgfqpointxy and \pgfqpointxyz to complement the "quick" point
	commands in basic layer.

2008-07-09 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added 'every mark' style.
	- 'mark options' simply overwrites 'every mark' (consistent with its old

2008-07-07 Till Tantau <...>

	- Finished circuit library and documentation (well, some
	  shapes still missing, but that's something users should

2008-07-01 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- the external library now handles active double quotes ",
	  single quotes ', and active semicolons ';' in its system call
	  correctly. Furthermore, \\ will expand to a normal
	  backslash. The initial system call now uses double quotes
	  for indows compatibility, it also contains the shell-escape
	  feature for gnuplot invocations.

2008-06-30 Till Tantau <...>

	- Did some documentation of circuit lib.
	- Removed the separated documentation of the intersection
	  library and made this documentation part of the main
	- The intersection cs is now deprecated, the documentation
	  is now only based on the intersection lib. 
	- Added a "by" option so that "name intersections={of=A and
	  B,by={c,d,e}}" will create an alias c for intersection-1, d
	  for intersection-2 and e for intersection-3.
	- Renamed "path name" to "name path" in the intersection
	  lib. This is more consistent with "name intersections".

2008-06-29 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Minor changes on float stuff, wrote pgfmathfloatmultiply and
	  pgfmathfloatdivide on top of pgfmathmultiply and pgfmathdivide

2008-06-29 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Added `Fixed Point Arithmetic' library, which provides
	  a parsing interface to the fp package. Dealing with plotting
	  files still a bit crude. 
	- This library means the manual now requires the fp pacakge 
	  to compile.
	- Fixed floor function for negative numbers.
	- Fixed \pgfmathsetseed.
	- Font and group fix for external documentation.

2008-06-27 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Complete change of TikZ intersections (PGF unchanged).
	- Slight hack of the TikZ scopes library to permit local
	  path naming. Should work...
2008-06-26 Till Tantau <...>

	- Continued with circuit library.
	- Introduced subdirectories inside the pgf library
	  directory and moved libs into them.
	  You may need to update your checkout.

2008-06-26 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- The external library now typesets as horizontal material by issueing
	  \leavevmode. This fixes an inconsistency with the normal tikzpictures.

2008-06-25 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Added intersection library + documentation for 
	  intersecting ``named'' paths.
2008-06-25 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Fixed bug in external library. Now, strings like '#1' occuring 
	  somewhere in an image is collected correctly.

2008-06-24 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Removed new intersection stuff. Need to restart from scratch...

2008-06-23 Till Tantau <...>

	- Started working on circuit library documentation.

2008-06-23 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Added PGF code and docs for intersections of two curves and 
	  intersections of a line and a curve.
	- Fixed bug in foreach code when registers are used with dots
2008-06-22 Till Tantau <...>

	- Created first version of circuit libraries for electrical
	  engineering (*). 
	- Added libraries so that ee circuits and logical circuits can
	  be accessed using the same interface. (circuits.logic.*)
	- The tikz lib shapes.gates.logic.* will no
	  longer be needed, the circuits.logic.* will replace them. (The
	  pgf libs shapes.gates.* are still used as before, however.)
	- Minor patch in shapes.gates.logic.US so that the .0 and .180
	  anchors of a not gate or a buffer gate are the same as the
	  input or output anchors.
	- All this is not documented, yet.
	- Worked some more on dv stuff, but nothing to "show", yet.

2008-06-21 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Fixed parsing bug in foreach code.
	- Added "rotate fit" key to fit library, so (e.g.) a rotated 
	  rectangle can be fitted around nodes/coordinates.

2008-06-21 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Added documentation for tikz 'external' library.
	- created pgfexternalwithdepth.tex file to use the 'baseline' information.
	- improved some issues of the external library.
	- Added '/pgf/images/draft' option
	- Modified implementation of draft images to show the image file name
	instead of the internal image name

2008-06-19 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Added tikz library 'external' which allows automatic or semiautomatic 
	  export of each tikzpicture to pdf. Documentation is not yet ready.
	- Added self-contained latex package tikzexternal.sty to read those images
	  without tikz/pgf installed.
	- Added support for the 'baseline' option in \beginpgfgraphicnamed ... \endpgfgraphicnamed
	  by storing the box depth into a separate file.

2008-06-19 Till Tantau <...>

	- Added first ideas for a circuit library.
	- Bugfixes in scoping behaviour.
	- Changed scoping rules for to path operation: Options are now
	  local. This may break existing code, but is much more
	  consistent with everything else and removes other problems. 
	- Patched mindmap lib to account for these changed rules.
	- Added insert path option.
	- Deprecated "after node path". Use "append after command" and
	  "prefix after command" instead.
	- Moved datavisualization libraries to separate subdirectory.

2008-06-18 Till Tantau <...>

	- Changed label and pin options once again, to allow more
	  flexibility. In particular, the angle can now be
	  omitted. Also, for rotated main nodes the anchors are now
	  chosen in more sensible ways.

2008-06-16 Till Tantau <...>

	- Added tiny little turtle graphics library for fun.
	- Changed scoping rules for \foreach statement on a path: the
	  last coordinate is now persistent not only after the foreach
	  statement, but also between different iterations.
	- Changed positioning of "label" when you attach a label to a
	  transformed shape. The position is now absolute with respect
	  to the page, unless the "transform shape" option is used.
2008-06-11 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Fixed the bug fix for character checking in foreach.
	- Updates and fixes for new foreach code.

2008-06-13 Till Tantau <...>

	- Fixed bug in new \foreach stuff that causes an error on
	  things like \foreach \i in {1,...,\foo}. If a list element
	  is a macro, no is-it-a-character check is done.

2008-06-11 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Checked in proposed \foreach extensions. Possibly the
	  extensions would be better contained in a pgflibrary...
	- list items can now be evaluated.
	- dots replacement is context sensitive.
	- sequences indicated by dots can be character sequences.
	- a list item can be ``remembered'' in the next iteration.
	- access to the number of the current item in the list is

2008-06-09 Till Tantau <...>

	- Worked a bit on data visualization stuff.
2008-06-07 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Added '/pgf/number format/1000 sep' and 'dec sep' shortcut 
	  styles which simply call 'set thousands separator' and 'set 
	  decimal separator'. Those option are somewhat long...

2008-06-06 Till Tantau <...>

	- Fixed the "local bounding box" option so that it honors the
	  "relevant for picture size"-if.
2008-06-04 Till Tantau <...>

	- Fixed buggy "mid left" and "mid right" options.
	- Added "between positions" option to the "mark" option. This
	  makes it possible to create paths with "repeated arrows along
	  the path". This did not work before.

2008-06-03 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Added '/pgf/number format/assume math mode' to disable math checks. 
	  This allows to assemble tabulars, apply \pgfmathprintnumber to each cell
	  and use the dcolumn package to align at decimal separators (no
	  documentation for that feature yet)

2008-06-02 Till Tantau <...>

	- Fixed pgfpages in conjunction with everyshi.

2008-05-31 Christian Feuersaenger <...>
	- Semantics of |/pgf/number format/fixed zerofill| changed: it now simply
	  sets a boolean which affects all numbers in fixed format; it does not
	  SET fixed format. The same holds for sci zerofill.

2008-05-30 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Provided \pgfmathprintnumberto macro in addition to

2008-05-22 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Revised Lindenmayer system stuff. Documentation should 
	  now be up to date.

2008-05-22 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Added 'xbar interval' and 'ybar interval' plot handlers.
	- Moved plot handler options to /pgf key tree.
	- added 'bar shift' option.
	- bar width option is now evaluated when needed.
	- Added documentation for plot handler library changes and for tikz-plot
	- Modified pgf manual macros: codeexamples section now employs pgfkeys,
	  xkeyval no longer required. Introduced style 'every codeexample' to
	  maintain compatibility and allow customization for users.

2008-05-21 Till Tantau <...>

	- Added missing documentation of moveto-decoration.

2008-05-20 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Changed the processing of \pgflsystemstep. Now a TeX
	  dimension, it permits a symbol to shorten the step.

2008-05-19 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Added Lindemayer system drawing library.
	- Renamed the ranomization keys for the step and angle.
	- Updated the L-system docs.

2008-05-19 Till Tantau <...>

	- Added documentation of oo-subsystem.
	- Started documentation of data visualization-subsystem.
	- Fixed hyperlink problem in dvipdfm(x)/xetex.
	- Fixed typos in Lindemayer system doc.

2008-05-17 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Added \pgfmathfloatadd, \pgfmathfloatsubtract and
	\pgfmathfloatmultiplyfixed based on pgf's normal math parser
	- Added tests for float arithmetics
	- Added \pgfmathfloattoextentedprecision for 8-digit mantisse precision
	- Added documentation for these methods
	- Added basic layer input stream methods to set zero levels for [xy]comb/[xy]bar;
	allows to start bars at different offsets than x=0 / y=0.
	- Added documentation for zero level streams.

2008-05-15 Till Tantau <...>

	- Added "path picture" option, mostly for the implementation
	  of the corrected mindmap connecting bars.
	- Fixed buggy code of mindmap connect bars: Shading angles
	  where sometimes wrong and shading was sometimes at the wrong

2008-05-14 Till Tantau <...>

	- Completely rewrote management of pdf resources. This affects
	  pdftex, dvipdfm, dvipdfmx and xetex backends and all front
	  ends. They should now all work together in harmony, as far
	  as this is supported by them.
	- Completely rewrote driver detection in plain and context
	- dvipdfmx and xetex now use \special{pdf:literal direct},
	  which can *considerably* reduce file sizes (up to a factor
	  of 2).

2008-05-14 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Fixed compatability issue with old calc code.
2008-05-13 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- documented '.lasttry' key handler
	- introduced documentation for key filtering routines (as \input section
	in pgfmanual-en-pgfkeys.tex). Main section of pgfkeys not really updated
	yet; I only removed the 'family limitation' item in the introduction.

2008-05-11 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Multiple fixes for signal shape.

2008-05-03 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- added \pgfplotbarwidth and docs
	- used \pgfmathparse to assign \pgfsetplotbarwidth
	- added 'const plot mark right' to plot handler library to complete the
	different variants of left/right connected/jump handlers.

2008-05-01 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Fixed parser for expressions that begin and end with braces.

2008-04-27 Christian Feuersaenger <...>
	- Added \pgfmathapproxequalto operation and documentation below
	- Added some user-interface methods to floating point arithmetics
	- Added options
		/pgf/number format/set decimal separator
		/pgf/number format/set thousands separator
		/pgf/number format/skip 0.
	- Added documentation for floating point arithmetics
	- Added documentation for number printing

2008-04-26 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Added PGF plot handlers to plot handler library:
		- \pgfplothandlerxbar
		- \pgfplothandlerybar
	  with parameter \pgfsetplotbarwidth{} and
	    - \pgfplothandlerconstantlineto
		- \pgfplothandlerjumpmarkleft
		- \pgfplothandlerjumpmarkright
	- Added Tikz-Plot handlers
		- /tikz/xbar
		- /tikz/ybar
	  with option '/tikz/bar width' and
		- /tikz/const plot
		- /tikz/jump mark left
		- /tikz/jump mark right
	- Added documentation for new plot handlers to Tikz- and plot handler
	section in manual

2008-04-23 Till Tantau <...>

	- Documented changed double line handling.
	- Made some arrow tips work with double lines.

2008-04-22 Till Tantau <...>

	- Added (not yet documented) "inner lines", which move the
	  double line mechanism from tikz to the basic layer. This
	  allows the definition of special arrow tips for double lines.
	- Added (not yet documented) new arrow tip "implies" using
	  this mechanism.

2008-04-21 Mark Wibrow <...>
	- New version of rectangle split shape. Now supports horizontal
	  as well as vertical spliting. Also supports up to 20 parts. 

2008-04-17 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Added pgfkeysfiltered.code.tex which provides key filtering
	  and provides key-selection utilities like xkeyvals families
	- changed pgfkeys.code.tex to '\input' pgfkeysfiltered.code.tex

2008-04-14 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Added \tikzaddtikzonlycommandshortcutlet and
	  \tikzaddtikzonlycommandshortcutdef to install shortcut commands at the
	  beginning of tikzpicture.
	- pgfkeys.code.tex: fixed incompatibility .try with .is choice

2008-04-10 Till Tantau <...>

	- Fixed patterns in dvips mode (were broken).
2008-04-03 Till Tantau <...>
	- Switched to everyshi in latex mode to hack into
	  \shipout. Wrote direct code to hack into \shipout in plain
	  mode. Hacking into \shipout in Context is still unclear.
	- Added space arrow.
2008-4-02 Mark Wibrow <...>
	- Reimplemented parsing of operands. 

2008-04-01 Till Tantau <...>

	- Added cirlce solidus shape by Manuel Lacruz.

2008-03-19 Mark Wibrow <...>
	- `curve control points' decoration no longer exists. It is 
	  replaced by the `show path construction' decoration.
	- added code + docs for defining changable patterns.
	- Parser altered to access \pgfmathfloatparsenumber when 
	  \ifpgfmathfloat is true (old interface to \pgfmathfloat deleted).

2008-03-18 Christian Feuersaenger <...>

	- Added generic/pgf/math/pgfmathfloat.code.tex
	- Modified pgfmath.code.tex to include pgfmathfloat.code.tex
	- Added generic/pgf/testsuite/mathtest/pgfmathtestsuite.tex [dvipdfm/pdflatex]
	  which provides testing for pgfmathfloat.code.tex

2008-03-17 Till Tantau <...>

	- Fixed minimum width handling in rounded rectangle shape. 

2008-03-12 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Added key for rectangle split to ignore empty parts.
	- Extended \pgfshadecolortorgb to define macros for the
	  individual color components.

2008-03-08 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Added `curve control points' decoration for drawing
	  curve controls. NB: names/keys may change.

2008-03-07 Mark Wibrow <...>

	- Fix for (some) `hidden' bugs: ``Missing character: 
	  There is no <char> in font nullfont!''. This is usually
	  only seen in log file. Fixed for star, circular sector
	  and math macros.

2008-03-03 Till Tantau <...>

	- Fixed documentation "placment" replaced by "positioning"
	- Fixed ConTeXt page resource problem. (ConTeXt support is
	  still not as smooth as support of other formats)
	- Checked in some data visualization stuff, without any
	  documentation. Everything still likely to change
	- Moved module management to pgfutil.
	- Added support for simple oo-programming, not documented. 

2008-02-26 Till Tantau <...>

	- Fixed bug in pgfkeysaddvalue.
	- Fixed bug of stack leak in function shadings in postscript.
	- Fixed missing image inclusion documentation.
	- Fixed atan bug in documentation example.
	- Fixed missing dependency of chains--positioning library
	- Fixed missing dependency of mindmap--decorations library

2008-02-20 Till Tantau <...>

	Released version 2.00